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Located in the heart of Birmingham


1 RodeCaster Pro

4 Mv7 Shure Microphones

4 Shure SRH440 Headphones

4 Rode PSA1 Studio Arms

1 Sony a 6300


1 RodCaster Pro

2 MV7 Shure Microphones

2 Shure SRH440 Headphones

2 PSA1 Studio Arms

1 Sony A6300


2 Neewer 300 Watt Strobes

1 Neewer RT-16 wireless flash studio trigger (Sony)

2 Neewer Softboxes

2 Photography Umbrellas

Gold, Silver and White Reflector

White or Black 10ft Backdrop

If any items are altered in any form, you will be expected to replace them!

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Located in the vibrant and well-connected 5 Points District of Birmingham, this is the nicest facility of it’s kind.

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Post Production

Post Production

Photography / Videography

Photography / Videography



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Fast Turnaround

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Secure Location

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